ABMC FDA Approved Urine Drug Test Kits

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Quick Overview

RDS InCup – The Rapid Drug Screen InCup is an integrated collection and testing device for the detection of up to twelve drugs of abuse :

  •  Flexibility
    ✔ 2 to 12 drugs per panel
    ✔ Customized configurations available
  • Convenience
    ✔ Incorporates collection and testing
    ✔ Temperature strip on cup to verify specimen
    ✔ With SVT-Specimen Validity Test (sample adulteration and contamination test)
    ✔ Read results in 3-5 minutes
  • Performance
    ✔ Each test has procedural control built in
    ✔ Results stable for one hour
    ✔ 99% correlation to GC/MS at 95% confidence level
    ✔ Tested for cross-reactivity against over 500 drugs
    ✔ SAMHSA cut-offs
    ✔ FDA approved Drugs Test Kit manufactured in a FDA certified facility
    ✔ The only Drug of Abuse Test with a USD 1Million Product Liability Insurance coverage

USD 3.00 per drug