Breast I

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Quick Overview

Benefits of the image002device

image002 is a new health and wellbeing product for women. It is a light-based home use technology, providing another way to keep an eye on your breasts and aims to assist in spotting changes early.

  • Involves no X-radiation, only red light – hence quite safe to use
  • No tissue compression
  • Patented advanced sensor technology to avoid light dazzle
  • Includes memory of previous light setting

One of the world’s largest breast cancer research charity Breast Cancer Now advises women to touch, look and check (TLC) their breasts to pick up any sign of lumps early, when cure is possible and likely – they say “Love your breasts. Be breast aware”. BREAST-i adds a new dimension to looking, and is simply keeping another eye on your breasts.

 image002is non-diagnostic and most changes will prove to be benign and not be cancer. Don’t worry if you see a change from month to month – simply visit your doctor.